Tote Bag (L) / White [TLW-0015]

Tote Bag (L) / White [TLW-0015]
SANS-SERIFバッグの特徴は、イギリス・ロンドンバスで実際に使用された、行き先案内用のロールサインと、高品質な滋賀県産 高島帆布を素材にし、京都の鞄職人よる縫製技術によって、1つずつ手作業で丁寧に縫い上げています。



サイズ:H42 × W53 × D17cm 持手 H25cm
材質:綿 100%、タイベック(R)、牛革、裏地レーヨン 100%

In order to support the vertical shape of the bag and prevent it from losing it a gusset is installed.
To increase strength of the fabric we apply coating to the lining of the canvas parts.
To increase the strength and durability of Tyvek(R) nonwoven material is glued on it by hand from the inside for reinforcement.
For handles and the bottom we use carefully selected cowhide which was tanned by Himeji tanners.
In order to avoid punctures by sharp objects a thick bottom plate is inbuilt in the bottom part.
We have reinforced every spot on the bag which has to withstand a load to guarantee a long life of the product.
Open pocket with a partition×1, pocket with a fastener×1, PET bottle holder×1
Name of the bus, years of operation and the serial number are directly written on the product tag.

Size: H42 × W53 × D17cm Handle H25cm
Material: COTTON 100%, Tyvek(R), Cowhide, Lining: Rayon 100%
Country: JAPAN